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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shiny Happy People (How to Win Parent of the Year)

Lets face it, people can be monsters, and tend to justify this in artfully cruel ways. Often, staring at other socio-political "issue" blogs can be a bit ...disenchanting. Some theocrat with a puffed up chest dehumanizing people from his or her pulpit, some disenfranchized individual from some put upon minority group having been a victim of a hate crime, some loving couple denied rights. Shiny happy people stuff.

On occasion I think its perfectly acceptable to bask in the glory of people who get it right. People who aren't hateful, toxic bigots hiding behind scripture. People who rise above the metric tons of shit this life can offer and give a reprieve from it all.

People like this mother, who shared her experience with her 6 year old son (and his schoolboy crush). I'm going to file this under "hope for the world yet" , and be thankful that parents like this exist in the world. And for now, thats enough to keep me going...

Ready to Go- Panic! @ the Disco (a little generic but...does the trick yeah?)

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