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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yeahhh. Cant be 100 percent positive, but...I'm pretty sure this is a clear sign of the apocalypse. Stan "the Man" Lee teaming up with Ne-Yo? Unlike comic book team ups of yore...I'm somewhat hoping this doesn't start with opposing super heroes having a foolish disagreement that turns into a property damage causing fight. (Because Stan would win)

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Ne-Yo & Comic Pioneer Stan Lee Appear Together At Comic Con
by Allen Jacobs

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"The Libra Scale" will have a corresponding comic book and video series, as POW! Entertainment teams with the Def Jam star, and they unveil the plot.

On Saturday October 9, Def Jam singer Ne-Yo and former President and Chairman of Marvel Comics appeared together at New York's Comic Con. Lee, now head of POW! Entertainment, has worked with Ne-Yo on his upcoming album, The Libra Scale, which will feature a companion comic book.

The two appeared in a panel, moderated by journalist, blogger and HOT 97 radio personality Miss Info. Ne-Yo revealed that Libra Scale's first three singles, "Champagne Life," "Beautiful Monster" and "One In A Million" will have videos that feature the corresponding comic in live action.

The Libra Scale character, "Jerome," has vowed to never fall in love in exchange for super-powers. When he meets the character of "Pretti Sinclair," that temptation is tested.

Also, having just read that, I threw up in my mouth a little.

And now for some (admittedly goofy) mood music:

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