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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Caught on Tape: Police "Overzealousness" to Cover Their Collective Assi.

Miami Police Destroy Cell Phone Camera : Dispatches from the Culture Wars:

I really hope Mr. Brayton keeps this sort of content up. It is of course disconcerting to watch innocent bystanders become a 'collateral damage' argument, and it pains me to make the weak case, but sure, accidents happen when it comes to law enforcement and firearms at the cost of human life.

Where this goes WELL and grossly beyond an 'accidents happen' argument is when law enforcement officers aim their guns at bystanders, confiscate evidence they assume is incriminating and destroy it. It goes well and disgustingly beyond any possible reasoning that "mistakes were made" and delves into corrupt cops moving to cover up whatever wrongdoing they know they've engaged in at the expense of the liberties of those who just happen to be on the unfortunate scene of the crime. In the attempt to cover up one crime they've created dozens more. Some days, its pretty easy to be troubled by the so called "free republic" we're told we inhabit.

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