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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun With Graft and Corruption

In other news that just keeps ballooning in its implications, we've got news tycoon/ robber-baron Rupert Murdoch and the scope of the hacking and fraud investigations that have forced the news agency to close. Now the US is looking into whether or not Newscorp has illegally hacked any of its citizens for information. As it happens, the Bancrofts who formerly owned the Wall St Journal (and Dow Jones) aren't terribly pleased with NewsCorps' ethical breeches. As it stands Newscorp has its hands in so many pies its staggering, but this scrutiny seems poised to make agencies potentially less comfortable working with them. Its an interesting reversal trend, and one that seems to have ongoing implications overall. Over the past few days alone, the amount of press on this story has been growing at an exponential rate, indicating the reach of Newscorp and the number of high ranking figures that seem poised to go down with the ship.

Expect this one to be an even bigger thorn in the Fox News owner's side going forward. More as it develops, as I can't help but find myself fascinated by this one...

(As for the musical backdrop given the idleness of this summer, how could I NOT play a song called "Deadbeat Summer"?)

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