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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Corner of Sky-Multipurpose Nerdiness (Part I)

Good afternoon fellow thinkers, dreamers and true believers;

There's a lot going on in this overlarge world of ours, and too much of it is worth pouring over (preferably with a glass of wine in hand, but its likely too early in the day for such). In the meantime, I'm just going to compile all the curiosities I'm reading/listening to/ daydreaming about about today.

  • AfterElton is a pitch perfect entertainment blog that almost unfailingly offers insightful commentary and razor sharp snark. There's an article exploring the (pertinent) question "Why are TV's Most Interesting Characters Morally Ambiguous?" The author here does an interesting job peeling back the layers of the tropes these characters represent. Worth a look.
  • Re: the "Big Brother" Dumbledore snafu- I've never watched an episode of Big Brother in my life, and sure as hell don't intend to begin now, a (part-time) educator this sort of comment grates the collective nerves. The gay people are "dangerous pedophiles and shouldn't be around children" meme is a stupid, 1970s Anita Bryant type of misconception that really REALLY needs to be debunked universally. This douchebag needs to update his gay rhetoric to this decade at least.
  • In Comic Book Nerd news, X-Men's big summer event "Schism" finally debuted yesterday and by all accounts, its off to a very satisfying start (even for those of us who don't get wood whenever Wolverine pops his claws) . Jason Arron (writer of the often lauded Scalped ) sets all the pieces and introduces us to the new players and manages to tell a story that seems both familiar and fresh all at once. Whats promised- given the series is called "Schism" is a massive split in the X-Men's formerly united front against extinction. Many are speculating which characters will go with whom, but really its way too soon in the narrative to tell (We don't even know what the "the last straw" is yet). Not that that ever stops fanboys on message boards from speculating, mind you.
  • I feel its useful to point out that the faithful at Liberty University are vowing to disobey the "lawless tyrannical regime of the executive branch". In case you need an appropriate frame to see the linked rant through...its only sedition and treason if you're not white. White people are "patriotic" when they talk about being unlawful, apparently. Other burning questions- Don't they get federal funding? (And aren't they as a religious institution tax exempt because they're faith based and...supposedly apolitical?)
  • Last night, a friend at the pub jogged my memory about THIS RADNESS. Conan the Adventurer was a pretty great cartoon, and I'm trying to decide if it passes my Thundercats test (I'll explain that later). Nerdy nerdy goodness. (Though, quick thought. Doesn't the big bad snake leader look an awful lot like Serpentor from GI Joe? )
  • This. I freaking adore Toro Y Moi. And now I found another reason.

That said, its a gorgeous looking day. Why not go out and play a while?

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