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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Best Interview You'll Never See on Fox News.

New York Observer: Exclusive "Occupy Wall Street" Unaired Fox Footage - YouTube:

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Its late, but I want to bring this clip to your attention. This. Is how you keep conservative media on point. The entire clip is pretty much worthy of being quoted verbatim, but a few points stand out; "We find that we can't get conversations about the ongoing investigation about Newscorporation in which you are an employee, but we can certianly ask questions about why we're 'engaging in class warfare'."

I want to have this gentleman's ideological puppies. No more blithely allowing the talking points to be dictated by those with vested interests in maintaining control. The clarity with which he eviscerates the interviewer is quite important here. There've been very few people who have held anyone to task for the misdirects and partisan fabrications on "birthers" and "death panels" and "special rights demanding gays" , when these claims have yet to be proven legitimately. They're distractions that have been allowed to keep the public from dealing with the realities of outsourcing, golden parachutes ,economic freefall and deregulation for too long. The time for polite conversations may be passing us by...but then its not as though the Koch brothers and the other 1% consider us "people" in the first place...


  1. THis interview -- well actually the whole Occupy Wall Street movement -- gives me such hope.

  2. Its so easy to be cynical about big business, about Newscorp wiretapping and its lack of coverage, about the eroding of the middle class this guy suggests people are aware of it. We're just not talking about it. Its about time.