Combating Dystopia.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Enemies w/ Names- More on North Carolina's SB 514

Now hear this, cats and kittens. The enemy has been named. Say what you will about the book of faces, but it has its uses- chief among them, information about the May 3rd vote on State Bill 514. You know, the one that will enshrine the state constitution in discrimination (unnecessary, because same sex marriage isn't legal in the state to begin with).

If the aftermath of today's rally is any indication, I anticipate a great deal of crazy ratcheted up on both sides. (An entry on the "discussion" I had with "the opposition" is forthcoming) Roughly 7 months of escalation and division to keep us firmly rooted in the past to endure. Should be a great deal of fun. How this sort of division is good for the state is even now beyond me.

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