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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Neighborhood (North Carolina and Gay Marriage Bans)

Once again I find myself torn on North Carolina politics. The tea party one upmanship, the arena of making a point by threatening to defund this institution or that... it seems that on the state level is where the fringe is doing the most damage; especially if Wisconsin, Maine and Florida (which is shaping up to be some of the most unethical legislation I've ever seen) are any indicators. North Carolina has apparently expressed interest in not being outdone in this regard now that it seems to be using its political currency to not only disallow but BAN outright same sex marriage in its state's constitution.

The message it sends its particularly calloused to not only its gay and lesbian taxpayers, but to the idea of civil liberties on the whole. While the reaction among editorials in papers in NC seems squarely opposed to the constitutional ban, it seems a surefire way to score points with its increasingly belaugered base. Obviously there's little in this feint aimed at job creation, but one would hope that ruse has lost any pretense of meaning at this late juncture. Instead those in the conservative majority seem interested in defaming as many liberal "sacred cows" as possible before the clock runs out.

As for implications, this ban if passed will strike a blow against the perception that North Carolina is any different than its southern counterparts- a feather that fit well in the state's cap as it pertained to Ashville, Raleigh and Charlotte at least. While local opinion on the ban and its possibility of success seem mixed...if this goes the way it may look, I'll be relocating well before I look into settling down and spending serious money in state.

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