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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Real Live Death Panels.(Meanwhile at the Hall of Doom)

OneAngryQueer: "Are You Saying That Society Should Let Him Die?":

'via Blog this'The above is a link to the clever OneAngry Queer blog that's been cranking out a lot of killer insight lately (keep it up). Its a line thats worth picking up:

Wow. I've been scratching my head and...applying for asylum actually, since this disturbing scene went public. One would think it would make them, and people who might be swayed to think like them look bad to suggest that the soaring numbers of the uninsured and the unemployed are simply not worth saving to an entire audience of people. Mrs. Palin was going on about how ]"Obamacare" (it bothers me that we've allowed this phrase to get traction) is worse than being uninsured, but its becoming more and more clear that the Republican plan for those numerous persons without healthcare is..."Good luck with that, don't get sick". And, the indignation they channel while actively planning to do nothing (and I defy you prove that any one of them has a plan for health care reform that involves anything other than cutting more medicare and medicaid, for my own edification) boggles the mind in ways I cannot articulate.

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