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Friday, September 23, 2011

Where's that Support of "the Troops" Again?

Joe. My. God.: PATRIOTS: Tea Party Audience Boos Only U.S. Soldier To Speak At GOP Debate:

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Given the vile and groupthink addled tone of the past few GOP debates, I'm going to make a prediction: This election is going to be very, very ugly. Expect the far far right to do everything in their power to debase, defame, divide and make a mockery of everything our nation and culture has in common.

The disconnect about gay soldiers, and booing them, when any OTHER time they use the "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" as a Bush Era bullwhip into making sure everyone seems sufficiently "American". Its okay to be Anti-American and NOT support our troops...provided they happen to be filthy queers.

On the one hand, these primary debates have been INCREDIBLY informative about the tenor and the toxicity in present in the Tea Party base. On the one hand, the truly sadistic- shouting to let the uninsured die, and cheering the death penalty (even when the prospect of innocence is dubious) are doing an amazing job of making these people look monsterous. I wonder where the PR and Republican spin doctors are on the subject...the proverbial inmates running the assylum and nary a word is uttered to speak to the massive, and unpalatable derail.


  1. I hate it when people spam my blog. I'm going to do it to you, though, cuz I'm a punk.

    If you're pissed about Rick's performance last night at the GOP debate, sign our petition demanding an apology for his remarks:

  2. You're not spamming as much as "building awareness". And its not Rick's performance I have a problem with, its the utter lack of intellectual or ethical consistency the base they don't bother to reign in actually has. Perry is a douchebag as big as the Texas Sky, to be sure, but the people reacting to the dialog are the bigger problem.