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Monday, September 12, 2011

States of Misgiving (NC Marriage Ban Update)

N.C. considers putting amendment to ban same-sex marriage on ballot – This Just In - Blogs:

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Suffice it to say, things aren't looking so forward thinking in North Carolina surrounding this impending (probable) ban on even the mention of gay marriage in the State of NC. Longstanding evangelical hate group leader Tony Perkins showed up in full force to display their animus. Rallies are being put together for today and tomorrow to demonstrate just how regressive and pointless such a move would be, (primarily because its not legal in the state as is), but it looks as though the vote was rushed and not passed through the proper channels for a reason. More as this develops.

As for my feelings on the prospect, it doesn't exactly make for a very welcoming environment to spent a decade or two, does it? A state that is so concerned about a given couple's inability to marry that it legislates it three ways from sunday. All the while, how about that unemployment rate? Way to keep our eye on the proverbial ball, guys.

In more active news, please check out the Equality NC facebook page , and consider attending the Marriage Equality Rally on the 13th. (click the link for more information). Its going to be interesting around here over the next few days, and by interesting I mean potentially volatile. I can only hope the legislators see sense at the last minute.

EDITED TO ADD: Facebook co-founder and former NC resident Chris Hughes has written an open letter to the State assembly expressing strong aversion to the bill, citing that its bad for business and alienating to potential residents. Well worth the read.

And now for some subversive singer/songwriter action: Rufus Wainwright's "Going to a Town" showcases a little of how I'm feeling right now, and does so as eloquently as ever.

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