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Monday, May 23, 2011

the Big Bad Gay Nazi (and other baffling disconnects with reality)

Fischer: Gays "just like Nazis" : Dispatches from the Culture Wars

I don't have enough time to articulate how many ways I think Brian Fischer is a demagogic fool with a penchant for distorting "social science" to suit his rather flimsy case about "them evil homosexuals". What I CAN say about the man in the positive is that his dedication to fearmongering and dehumanizing gay people is unrelenting. If one could harness his outright venom in this regard and use it as a source of fuel we could power the world on it. And yes, monitoring his hate chatter is tedious merely because its so vast. It would seem he spends all day every day ranting about gays, conflating Muslims with terrorists and being the mouthpiece of the Christian right.

Also? Its fascinating how quickly he invokes Godwins Law. How Fischer speaks here, of the imminent threat of the Gays robbing fine Christians of their rights, and "doing what the Nazis did in Germany" is ironic and amusing in its own right; I wonder if he's aware of how highly regarded men perceived as gay in Nazi Germany were...

I think this is actually more telling when you think about the projection some on the linked site (the perpetually clever "Dispatches from the Culture Wars" blog) touch on. Fischer and people like him are feeling more and more marginalized by this sea change on the issue of homosexuality. The days where its acceptable to lobby bigotry from the comforts of one's pulpit without accountability are fading. This man tirelessly pushes far worse than homophobia (its not fear, its outright hatred) and for quite a while it was a platform that made him credible. Now it casts him in an increasingly negative light. Anyone who seeks to change the narrative, or forces him to veer from his hateful dogma is "persecuting, controlling or violating" his "freedoms". For the first time in perhaps his life he's being forced to justify his bigotry with more than a few scriptures and its simply not holding up. Its a win for equality, and his tantrums about his rights to discriminate based on religion being infringed upon are as fascinating as it is an act of desperation over the perceived loss of power.

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