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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Doom...

I just started reading Americablog in earnest a month or so ago, but they've been on fire lately regarding anti-gay politics. What John Aravosis has tipped us to in Tennessee is nothing short of staggeringly corrupt and ethically bankrupt.

In short? A veritible who's who of corporate interests are pushing a bill that not only strips gay inclusion from anti-discrimination laws (in the workplace), but ALSO will repeal/nullify all civil rights discrimination laws in the entire STATE. So, in other words, Tennessee will have carte blanche to discriminate in hiring and occupation as it sees fit now that those pesky laws aren't at play anymore. This is a gargantuan setback for civil rights, and one of the ways I say "States Rights" = "Justified exclusionary policy".

I'd like to get responses from these companies alleged to be making these back room powerplays. Some of whom I have ties to directly (and am feeling the slimier for it suddenly), and think some transparency is in order. If this proves to be true in any way, these guys have a lot to answer for.

Read the full account @ Americablog and be sure to sign the petition that follows it. This is one that it might pay to get loudly involved on. Sitting on the sidelines while the big plays are decided by back room super-villiany? Not something I'm going to let slide.

Nissan, Comcast, FedEx, AT&T on verge of getting gay rights law pulled in Nashville

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