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Monday, May 23, 2011

Progressive States- Politics and President Obama.

I haven't had the opportunity to sift through this recent snafu regarding Prof. Cornell West (and buyers remorse as we could best put it), but its something I think we'll see resonate moving forward.

Professor Glade breaks down this scenario very well. It seems both about ego and about the buyers remorse a fair number among the progressives have experienced regarding the centrist "uniter" and not addressing the disenfranchised. I find the latter part of that too valid a critique to ignore outright. These rumblings I've seen firsthand among some of the more politically marginalized (gay liberals, black independents) from the infancy of President Obama's administration. The President seems to be making headway with the former, with the impending repeal of DADT, and the recent decision by the Department of Justice to cease its defense of the "Defense of Marriage Act". The latter? I'm not seeing much in the way of quantifiable improvement for...More on this later. Any thoughts, gentle readers?

Eddie Glaude on Cornel West and "The Obama Deception"

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