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Friday, May 20, 2011

Defending "marriage" From Ruined Vantages

Meet the Many Divorced Politicians 'Protecting Marriage' By Banning Gays From Marrying | Gay Blog, Gay Friendly, Gay News

An incredibly smart article on Wisconsin's local GOP gang. As far as marital sanctity goes, this group doesn't seem to practice what it laboriously preaches. The sum up at the closing of the article? Succinct perfection. One really cannot make this stuff up.

Nice. So marriage is being “protected” in Minnesota by a deadbeat dad, a woman attempting to force people in abusive relationships to stay married to their abuser for life, and a man who seems to have at one point considered shooting a woman at Planned Parenthood.

I had thought that the "woman attempting to force people in abusive relationships" sounded familiar. In fact this incident was done by Rep. Goodwin, who in an attempt to inform her colleagues what institutional discrimination looked like, tried to legislate heterosexual divorce the same way. A clever, if futile exercise, sadly. One that shouldn't lump her with the villains of the piece whatsoever.

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