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Thursday, May 26, 2011

If This Doesn't Stimulate the Economy, Nothing Will! (Oh wait)

House passes measure to ban funds for teaching abortion techniques in health centers - The Washington Post

This is ridiculous. As a student that spent a great deal of time at a state university with a med school of some renown, I can't tell you how detrimental even the pretense of this measure is. Half the town I went to was employed by the University, the other half? By the state of the art hospital guessed it, was and is funded and staffed by the University's med school. Teaching medical students to be LESS professionally viable because some fundies have their pearls in a perpetual clutch is not a social good. Much to the contrary its likely to make med school programs in the US less competitive and thinking back to my sleepy southern college town, mean a lot less money to trickle down to the locals via housing, resteraunts and over priced textbooks. Luckily, and with good reason, the odds of passing the Senate aren't the best. I submit for the record another in a very rapid line of Tea Party "shots across the bow" idle threats that do NOTHING but score political points with their increasingly rigid constituency.

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