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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Not So Fast: DADT Repeal May Not Be A Done Deal

GOPers on House Armed Services Committee pass harmful DADT amendments

This doesn't bode terribly well. On the whole, I think the article's assertion that the incrementally slow "walking out" of the DADT repeal has merely allowed the arch-conservatives enough time to properly find stalling tactics seems valid. Realistically, is the method that the repeal is being implemented by what with its scores and scores of training and the "weighing of readiness" the most expedient way to end this government sanctioned witchhunt? The snails pace by which this is being accomplished is better than no resolution at all, make no mistake. BUT, in a Republican infested House, it was perhaps foolish to expect it'd go away without the typical baring of teeth and backstage slight of hand.

I guess we are to believe President Obama understands the military when it comes to killing bin Laden, who the Bush administration no longer considered a threat, but the Grand Old Party knows best when it comes to implementing a policy that has long since been the official policy by our allies Great Britain, Israel, Canada and Australia. Those countries, who more closely observe their gay and lesbian citizen's civil rights, didn't drag their feet when it came to openly integrating their military services, either.

And really, this. While we posit ourselves grand master of the Free World (tm), our culture when put under a magnifying glass seems more and more insular and regressive. How do we stack when it comes to the true freedoms of our fellow citizens in comparison to the rest of the world? When the vast majority of our allies have done this without fanfare or the universe ending, it speaks to glaring problems with the American political mindset when we move towards ending unconstitutional laws with such a wringing of hands.

More as it develops...

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